Granny's room, even though I'm the granny now

He had a big thing about tape of all sorts

If it was me, and I was Mummy, I would really want some input into what happens in my bathroom

It's a vase she made for our granny when she was at Bedales

Knock Airport we used to call it

Like a theatre set

Lughnasa, that's his place

One child too many climbing up on it to look at themselves in the mirror

Portfolio Box inside

Portfolio Box outside

Something mother of pearly going on

That's very Hector, doors through doors through doors

The time of the elderflower

They must have been John Lewis because everyone had them

Thomas had to take it off when we installed this loo

We had a cork factory up this creek

When Granny Fania lived here she had a mug for each of her 21 grandchildren

Who goes on to be this young Irish Guard who dies at Ypres

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